About Kate MS, RDN, LD

Hello! I’m Kate (she/her), a dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor based in Boise, ID.

I deeply believe that we all deserve to eat from a place of enjoyment rather than deprivation and restriction. Food is so much more than just calories or what is listed on the nutrition label. Food reminds us of our memories; represents our culture; connects us with other people and so much more. When we become so focused on food rules, not only are we robbed of being able to experience all that food has to offer, but we are also robbed of enjoying our lives to the fullest. 

Kate On Bridge

I help my clients move from feeling distressed around food and their body to feeling at peace with food and their body. I focus on self compassion and help people learn to trust their body’s innate wisdom. I am fiercely passionate about helping others leave behind all the rigid, external rules to rediscover the pleasure of eating and redefine what health means to them. I work alongside my clients as they learn to listen and trust their bodies to guide them to feeling their best physically and mentally.  

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